Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Marketing Management + Finance

Proper and efficient management of dollars -- earned, invested, or donated -- improves chances of reaching bottom line goals, and attracting more customers, donors, and investors.

Attracting dollars via customers, donors, and investors is a necessary first step. Understanding, meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations, of all these constituents, improves chances of ongoing business, attracting more investors and donors, and long term survival.

Strategic marketing planning should be a regular activity (annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly) for businesses and organizations of any type and size.

Contact Bena•Factor Marketing℠ at 1-888-463-5559, or info@benafactormarketing.com, for a free 30-minute consultation!  We find flexible solutions that work in today's dynamic, global and technological environment. We provide valuable solutions that adapt to your needs over the lifetime of your business.

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