Tuesday, August 9, 2016

You have the Right to be a Customer. Anything you say or do ... 😊

You have the Right to be a Customer. Anything you say or do ... should be used (with your permission) to help us satisfy your needs and wants ...

Businesses/Organizations (that is, marketers) cannot guarantee sales or consumption. Customers, although they may be influenced, make their own decisions. Marketers need to be good listeners in order to understand customers' needs. Otherwise customers will neither buy, consume, patronize, nor become loyal.

Even if customers buy, they may not consume your product. They may not use the product frequently enough to guarantee repeat sales. Customers may also return products, not use/consume products, or spread bad word-of-mouth, which is worse over social media, and when not disclosed.

For these and other reasons, marketers, sales people, sales reps, executives etc. undergo formal or informal education and on-the-job training -- to improve skills and learn how to address customers' needs. Good sales and marketing skills increase the potentials for sales, consumption, positive word-of-mouth, and so on.

The only outcomes (not guarantees) are that:

• customers may buy (and may use/consume) your product if they need and want it, providing they don't want something else. They also have the option to keep/save their money;

• customers may tell others, good or bad (bad news travels faster), and;

• customers may utilize your money back or satisfaction guarantee if they are not happy.

Business/organizational managers, executives and entrepreneurs should focus on guaranteeing that they will listen and try to understand customers' needs, and provide them with products, services, and experiences that meet and excite their expectations over the long run.

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