Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Marketing is an ongoing process ...

Customers evolve. Perceptions, attitudes, and needs change.  
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Marketing is an ongoing process. Outcomes improve when companies identify, attract, and retain key customers (markets) for their products/services/brands. Outcomes improve when companies address targeted customers' ever-evolving needs in consistent and perceptively meaningful ways over the long-run.

As customers change over time, their needs also change. Challenges lie in understanding customers who are multifaceted. What do we know about current customers? What can we learn about prospective customers? What did we learn about past customers?

Marketing research and analytics play important roles in gathering relevant information and uncovering latent factors that help companies understand customers' needs, and purchase and consumption behaviors. Marketing research and analytics provide answers that help executives and managers make sound decisions about how to best address customers' needs and build long term relationships with them.

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