About the Owner

     Currently, Bena•Factor Marketing℠ is solely owned and operated by Bernadette P. Njoku. She received her doctorate degree in business administration (D.B.A.) from Cleveland State University (CSU), OH, specializing in marketing and management. Dr. Njoku received her master's degree in business administration (M.B.A.) from Pace University, NY, also specializing in marketing. Her bachelor's degree (B.A.) in chemistry is from the University of Dallas (UD). 

     Dr. Njoku's practice and research focus on developing and maintaining marketing relationships, creating value-oriented strategies, and examining cross-cultural consumer behaviors and lifestyles. She is further interested in social entrepreneurship, with special attention on the arts (fine arts, applied and decorative, and performing arts -- dance, film, and theatre) as institutions that sustain economies and societies worldwide.

     She credits the liberal arts education at UD for playing a major role in helping her develop an individual admiration for art. While at CSU, she gained hands-on experience in art gallery operations. She became intrigued in business and marketing planning through Pace and Cleveland State Universities, which provided wonderful experiential learning opportunities.

     Dr. Njoku engages in community service by offering strategic marketing planning and other marketing services to independent artists, businesses, and non-profit organizations locally and abroad, on a needs-basis. Please contact Bena•Factor Marketing℠ to learn more about the Marketing Plan Project℠ (MPP℠).

     Lastly, Dr. Njoku has served on the Advisory Board of the NYS Children and Family Trust Fund, and the boards of eBa Dance Inc., Black Dimensions in Art (BDA), Schenectady, NY, and Albany Center for Economic Success, NY. She has taught at various colleges/universities on a full-time and adjunct basis, and continues to work towards her academic research pursuits.

Bena•Factor Marketing, Bena-Factor Marketing, BenaFactor Marketing, Bena•Factor, Bena-Factor, BenaFactorand all related trade names, are the sole intellectual property of Bernadette P. Njoku.  Please contact owner for permission to use these trademarks.  

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