Who Is Bena•Factor Marketing℠ - Our Philosphy

Bena•Factor Marketing℠ is a boutique marketing consulting and strategic marketing planning firm that works with start-ups, Independent business owners (including independent artists and artists groups), small-to-large businesses, non-profit organizations, institutions and governments. We take pride in maintaining a small-firm feel so that each customer is treated with care and consideration. We utilize high-quality resources in order to find strategic solutions that address your unique situation. We find flexible solutions that work in today's dynamic, global and technological environment. We provide valuable solutions that adapt to your needs over the lifetime of your business.

Like a benefactor, or one who assists people, groups, and institutions, Bena•Factor Marketing℠ offers effective, value-oriented solutions that provide long-term benefits and make a significant impact on your bottom line. Bena•Factor Marketing℠ focuses on building and maintaining customer relationships, that are based on mutual trust, value, and loyalty. This philosophy extends to our work with social entrepreneurs, for whom we devise marketing strategies for the improvement of global and rural communities worldwide.

Contact Bena•Factor Marketing℠ today by telephone, 1-888-463-5559, or email, info@benafactormarketing.com, for a free 30-minute consultation!  

Visit us at www.benafactormarketing.com.

Bena•Factor Marketing, Bena-Factor Marketing, BenaFactor Marketing, Bena•Factor, Bena-Factor, BenaFactorand all related trade names, are the sole intellectual property of Bernadette P. Njoku.  Please contact owner for permission to use these trademarks.  

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